What to consider when selecting a connector…

We take you back to basics to look at the key factors to be considered when selecting a connector solution, from your end-product design, certifications and standards to choosing the right supplier. We’ve even included a template checklist to help you compare and specify the perfect connector for your project. 

In this whitepaper we’ll cover:

The basics – Primary parameters

Electrical properties

Mechanical and environmental considerations

Design for manufacture and servicing

Physical space issues

Standards and certifications

Selection process

Specifying connectors checklist

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Wendy joined Harwin in 1995 working in the design team for 9 years, before moving to the marketing department as a Marketing Engineer. With a degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Brunel University, she is very detail-oriented and knowledgeable about all Harwin products. Her skills and experience also includes: Export Control & Materials Legislation, First Aid at Work and Quality Auditing.


Wendy Jane Preston - Senior Technical Author

Fun fact: Wendy's high IQ and broad knowledge of a variety of topics has earned her the name Wendypedia, something that was quoted in Danish magazine Aktuel Elektronik!

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